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United World Academy (UWA) aspires to become one of the Best International Schools in Sarjapura with a vision to create a truly world-class school drawing from the traditions and best practice of leading institutions from across the Globe. A school where each child is valued and where the highest standards and values are sought in all areas of school life, allowing every member of the community to reach their true potential in all their endeavours.

When United World Academy (UWA) welcomes its first students in August 2021, It will be the culmination of two years of preparation: preparation of their academic curriculum, their sport and activity programme and the pastoral care structures which will underpin everything that they offer. Although there will be many similarities with the other prestigious schools in Bangalore, there will be something quite distinctive about UWA. The school will follow a curriculum based on the English National Curriculum for Early Years and Primary children, and intends to offer Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma during Grades 9-12 from 2022 onwards. UWA has also developed its own bespoke curriculum for Grades 6-8, which will introduce a greater emphasis on Citizenship, Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility, Critical Thinking and Personal well-being, sitting alongside the traditional academic subjects. Our Early year’s program will be based on the Early Year Foundation Stage intended to provide one of the best preschools in sarjapura

The school will not rely solely on instruction and a didactic approach, choosing instead to make learning a collaborative, exploratory, experimental and adventurous journey. United World Academy, one of the best international schools in Sarjapura, believes that the best results are achieved when students are secure in the belief that their teachers are there to support them on their learning journey. In addition to excellent subject knowledge, and equally importantly, all staff must be committed to the pastoral support of young people. The school will be investing significant time and human resources into a very personalised tutoring system, adopting some of the methodologies that have been so successfully employed at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge over the years.

United World Academy aims to nurture an environment where inquiry, divergent thinking and the ability to learn from mistakes are encouraged. First-rate teaching and learning, with the right balance of formative and summative assessment, will underpin academic excellence. The school will strive towards creating lifelong learners, who are able to display both creative and critical thinking and who will move on into adult life having discovered their own individual passions and identity, together with a strong sense of their responsibility to others and the world they live in.

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