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Cambridge Primary Years

A wealth of opportunities is offered to the students of UWA, to transition smoothly into Secondary from the Primary years. The school will follow Cambridge Primary Years Programme. The school creates a stimulating and challenging environment nurturing their natural curiosity, creativity and ability to reflect, enabling a lifelong love for learning, nurturing an erudite culture among the future young adults.

Our Primary curriculum is a bespoke programme incorporating best practices from a number of respected curricula.

Incorporating the best that modern practices have to offer, we are always endeavouring to develop and improve our methodologies, carefully supporting students to take ownership for their own learning. Our classrooms are dynamic spaces where they will work in groups, pairs and individually, under the meticulous supervision of our teachers who undergo regular professional training after a diligent recruitment process. Our teachers are armed with strong credentials and remarkable previous experiences from the best schools in India and around the globe. Class teachers deliver key subject teaching though some subjects are taught by the subject specialists. The students develop a special bond with their class teachers as they spend valuable time together in the classroom.

Students from Grade 1 to 5 will be offered

UWA, one of the best schools in Bangalore with British curriculum, has qualified specialist staff to help students who need support in English as an additional language.

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