United World Academy

Best International Schools in Sarjapura

United World Academy (UWA) aspires to become one of the Best International Schools in Sarjapura with a vision to create a truly world-class school drawing from the traditions and best practice of leading institutions from across the Globe. A school where each child is valued and where the highest standards and values are sought in […]

The New Education Policy and UWA: Bridging the GAP from Early Years

The Indian government on July 29 approved the New Education Policy, which brings reforms to the entire Indian education system. A shift in mindset is visible in our new policy, which is essential to build a good learning system. With 12 million young people entering our workforce every year, it was long overdue to look […]

Engaging Generation Alpha in the Classroom

The children of today or Generation Alpha as they are called are exposed to multisensory media and technology that one would not have imagined possible a decade ago. They are bombarded by a fusillade of stimuli that create a mirage of fantasy which may overshadow the classroom experience making it appear faded and dull by […]

Choosing the Best International School for Your Child

Deciding upon whether to place one’s child within a school offering the Indian curriculum, or opting for an International School, believing that this will make university study overseas more accessible, can be a difficult enough decision in itself… However, if you have decided on the international route, then the next step, -of choosing the ‘best’ […]

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