United World Academy

University Guidance

How we help students choose

An element of the Life Skills programme in Grade 8 asks our students to consider the many career options open to them. Ideally, this will assist them in choosing the appropriate subjects for study in their final four years of school.

During the IGCSE years of Grades 9 and 10, further advice is offered as part of the personalised ‘Tutoring’ programme, alongside which a number of sessions are conducted by University Guidance specialists.

Our Team of University Advisors

The team will comprise a number of staff members who will have a reduced teaching commitment, to allow them time to work with a group of Grade 11 and 12 students and to guide them through the process of their University applications. Students will have the same member of staff throughout their final two years of school and this ensures continuity and thoroughness of the process.

Student University Application

As an International school, it comes as no surprise that our students will apply to universities around the world and in some cases, individuals will apply to institutions in more than one country. Each country has its own application process and the entire exercise can be complex and time consuming. For this and other reasons, we advise our students to limit the number of universities to which they apply and their personal advisor is there to guide and support them throughout.

Ongoing Support

A number of students take a year off between finishing school and commencing at University. In these cases, even after our students graduate from school, we continue to offer guidance on University applications for a period of up to 12 months.

Fees Structure