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After-school activities

After-School Activities - United World Academy

A good teacher can provide guidance, feedback, and personalized instruction to help students…


Relationships - United World Academy

Play time is the best time to tell children about their relationships with their parents, friends and peer groups.

Story telling sessions

Story Telling Sessions - United World Academy

When our teachers begin their storytelling session the children find it a fun and engaging activity. It helps to stimulate their imagination and encourages creativity and critical thinking. They love to listen to stories and be transported to different worlds and experiences through the power of words. They are also able to learn important life […]

Play based activities

Play Based Activities - United World Academy

Our children have art, music and dance classes to enable them to tap into their creativity and explore the world through their senses. Our youngest children are encouraged to explore the world around them through many play-based activities, ranging from dramatic use of role-playing, learning musical songs and rhymes and experimenting with mark-making, to drawing […]

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